Mulberry Tomorrow

Mulberry has big plans for its future. As Tampa continues to expand eastward, Mulberry will continue to grow as newcomers look for a place with a low cost of living that is close to the city.

The city plans to develop some of the reclaimed land from former phosphate mines into a new, 6,000-home mixed-use residential area.  Ground has already been broken and roads and sewer systems are in place as you enter Mulberry.

The Mosaic Company has built a world-class resort, Streamsong, on reclaimed land. The resort opened in 2013 and features two 18-hole golf courses, a full-service spa, five restaurants, thirteen various-sized meeting spaces, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Mulberry is a town that values its past and prepares for the future, with a clear vision of creating a better town for themselves and their children.

Get Ready For Exciting Happenings to Come in Mulberry . . .